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Torrent Details For "Ridiculousness.S11E42.HDTV.x264-YesTV[TGx]"


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Title: Ridiculousness
Year: 2011
Votes: 4973
Rating: 6.3/10
Language: English
Director: Michael Simon
Marco Mancini
Writing By: Shane Nickerson,Rob Dyrdek,Jeff Tremaine,Rob O'Reilly,Murray Valeriano,Bret Calvert,Jamie Lee,Annie Sertich,Brandon Vaughn,Todd C. Guzze,Geoff Bunch,Kip Madsen,
Produced By: Shane Nickerson,Jeremy Larner,Rob Dyrdek,Joe Zeoli,Jason Mittleman,Jeff Tremaine,Brandon Vaughn,Christian Duguay,Yodit Bezuneh,Danny Wilkinson,Brian A. Ross,Shanna Zablow Newton,Shari Brooks,Haley Manrique,Shaeffer Holt,Lale Arpaci,Ally Maynard,Rob O'Reilly,Teddy Cannon,Tina Sarkissian,Emily Shubin,Wondwossen D. Dikran,Ryan Conner,Garrison Taylor,Melissa Prieto,Josh Green,Babette Canton,Matt Murphy,Sean Green,Renee Gauthier,Teresa Tubera,Rob Crawford,Rebecca Rosenberg,Ryan Budds,Mike Heller,Dustin Pagliughi,Hampton Yount,Pedro Azevedo,Brigiite Valadez,Andrew Roperto,Ali Baluch,Jessica Ward,Hyon Hildebrant,Adam McGinnes,Ken Barnard,Brian Eggleston,Lauren Blackwell,Karla MarĂ­n,Kareem Niktash,David Reznick,Sarah Maria Davis,Mike Burns,Mark Hall,Katherine Lannon,Shelby Lucchesi,Cale Hartmann,Eli Newell,Limary Vargas,Beth Stelling,Casey Freeman,Tim Healy,Steve Lavapies,Melissa Marin,Tony Sam,Andy Wood,Willie L. Brown,Nate Craig,Eli Braden,Carolina Guerrero,Sean Green,Carly Rhodes,Sterling Brim,Scott Pfaff,Matt Kirshen,Marianne Childs,Steve Agee,Andrew Busca,JC Coccoli,Annie Sertich,Zach Shupe,Andrew Haynes,Casey O'Connor,Daniel J. Winclechter,Samantha Laich,Brian Ross,Chris Casey,Scott J. Davis,Emily Maya Hills,David Rabideau,Bobby Morgan,Lauren Dolgen,Matt Bourne,Wondowossen Dikran,Nate Bryan,Josh Patil,Jesse Case,Eric Dadourian,Bill Escudier,Greg Heller,Lee House,J.P. Minot,Hugh Moore,Aparna Nancherla,Leonard Robinson,DeShawn Stevenson,Christen Sussin,Erin Labrecque,Karl Hess,Brooke O'Bryant,Sarah Smith,Adam Cozens,Rosa Pasquarella,Joe Kilgallon,Ben Biscotti,Matt Cabral,Matt Harris,Kip Madsen,Jen O'Connor,Mike Odair,Nikki Angel,Kaela Brown,Kalen Hollomon,Steve Meyer,Scott Silver,John Stokel,Sam Doumit,Mike Bridenstine,Nathaniel O. Calloway,Robert Fee,Shelby Fero,Charles Goetz,Michelle Klepper,Frank Tartaglia,Jason Saenz,Anjeanette Carter,James Fritz,Cornell Reid,Steve Lava,
Music: Michael Baiardi Jamie Laboz Aaron Kaplan Kevin Bluhm
Sterling Brim as Himself - Co-Host 267 episodes, 2011-2018
Chanel West Coast as Herself - Co-Host 267 episodes, 2011-2018
Rob Dyrdek as Rob Dyrdek 265 episodes, 2011-2018
Tyler the Creator as Himself 3 episodes, 2012
Chris Pfaff as Himself 3 episodes, 2013-2018
Dean Morrison as Himself - Guest 2 episodes, 2011
Caite Upton as Herself - Guest Co-Host 2 episodes, 2011
Scott Pfaff as Himself 2 episodes, 2012-2013
Steve-O as Himself 2 episodes, 2013-2018
Mac Miller as Himself 2 episodes, 2013-2015

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Genre: Reality
Stars: Rob Dyrdek, Sterling Brim, Chanel West Coast
Series Plot: "Ridiculousness" features Rob Dyrdek's unique take on some of today's funniest amateur viral videos and builds them into episodes of edgy, funny and timeless television. Each episode features Rob's unique style and infectious energy as he breaks down amusing web clips by putting them in segments such as "Redneck Good Times," "Worst Case Scenario," "Ridiculousness in Training," "Pogo Stuck," "Hot Mess," "What Happened Last Night," and many more. Featuring commentary from co-hosts Sterling "Steelo" Brim, Chanel "West Coast" (the rapping receptionist from "Fantasy Factory";) and complete with a studio audience, the series will also include appearances by some of Rob's closest friends. It's sure to be a ridiculous season!


Title: Rob's Parents II
Airdate: 2018-10-19
Episode plot: Rob, Chanel, and Steelo welcome Rob's parents, Pat and Gene Dyrdek, for some Mom-approved "Patdiculousness," celebrate greatness with "Gene Genes" and learn there is no greater rivalry than "Dads vs Diapers."


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Container = Matroska (mkv)
Duration = 00:20:30.554
Filesize = 136 MiB
Codec info = AVC [email protected] | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Resolution = 720x404
Display AR = 1.782 | 16:9
Bitrate = 793 kb/s
Framerate = CFR 59.940
Color space = YUV
Chroma subsampling = 4:2:0
Encoder = x264 - core 157 r2935 545de2f
Codec info = AAC LC | A_AAC
Channels = 2
Bitrate = 132 kb/s
Samplerate = 48.0 kHz
Language = English
Category:TV > Hollywood
Lang:English  English
Total Size:137.14 MB
Info Hash:3e7e9eebe0e04161661eb61211988281a781249c
Added By:TGxDistro
Date Added:22-10-2018 21:24:38

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